Savanna-woodland mosaic

This ecosystem occurs mainly in the Middleveld and Lowveld. The Savanna-woodland mosaic historically accounted for 48% of the country’s land area.

  • Significance: This ecosystem is home to about half of the country’s flora species complement and more than half of the fauna. It has a moderate number of threatened and endemic plants and vertebrates. The Savanna-woodland provides food, grazing, medicinal plants, timber and fuel,
  • Status: Originally covered 48% of the country’s land area but has been reduced by 25%. 5% of this ecosystem is formally protected. An additional 2% is informally protected.
  • Threats: Swaziland’s Savanna-woodlands are threatened by:
    • Agriculture,
    • Unsustainable grazing
    • Unsustainable resource use,
    • Alien invasive plant species, and
    • Bush encroachment.