Objective of the Protocol

Objective of the Protocol

The objective of the CPB is laid out in Article 1 which clearly spells out that the Protocol’s objective is founded on the Precautionary Principle as laid out in the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Article 1 also makes it clear that the Protocol will not achieve the objective set out on its own but that it will contribute towards achieving the goal.

Article 1 also spells out that the CPB focusses on specific living modified organisms i.e.

  • Those that have been derived from modern biotechnology and,
  • May have adverse effects on the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity taking into account human health

Finally it also makes it clear that the focus of the CPB is on transboundary movement of these LMOs. As a result, issues of trade are central to the CPB.  As defined in the Cartagena Protocol, modern biotechnology includes a narrow range of biotechnologies among them:

  • Recombinant DNA technology
  • Direct injection of DNA into cells
  • Protoplast fusion involving species outside the taxonomic family