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Welcome to Swaziland’s Biosafety Unit

The Swaziland Biosafety Registry was established through Section 8 of the Biosafety Act (2012).

The Swaziland Biosafety page has been developed by the Biosafety Registry as part of a wider communication strategy aimed at strengthening public participation in biosafety decision making in Swaziland. Through the webpage, SEA wishes to contribute to the following:

  • Increased levels of public awareness on biotechnology issues,
  • Increased levels of awareness on biosafety, international as well as national biosafety instruments.
  • Effective public participation in the biotechnology and biosafety debate in Swaziland,
  • Effective participation of stakeholders in biosafety decision-making.
  • Effective information sharing at national and international levels.

The unit anticipates that this will contribute towards realizing Swaziland’s goal of leveraging on the benefits offered by modern biotechnology whilst effectively managing the potential adverse impacts on biological diversity, the environment as well as human and animal health.

This page also serves as Swaziland’s node Biosafety Clearing House (BCH) as established by Article 20 of the Cartagena Protocol and provided for by the Biosafety Act, 2012. 

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